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Medium Size

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Yeşil, Altın

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Race and Behaviour Specialist Can Paksoy's character analysis




Among the most famous cat breed known, Abyssinian care is easy and fun to feed at home. It is a kind of loving cat that loves animals as much as humans. Abyssinian is a medium sized cat with long and muscular body. They have an active structure that love to play and jump. The head is triangular and has soft lines and the nose is like a pit rather than a sharp pointed. The upright position of their ears is enough to give them the impression that they closely follow everything around them. The huge eyes that are settled in a tiny head are the sign of the wise position that they inherited from their ancestory. The Abyssinian cats have short feathers and feather tufts on their ears. The color of their fur is special. In addition to being darker along the spine, each feather has a different tinted color. The colors, inside of the legs, the lower part of the body and under the neck are lighter. 

Abyssinian Care

They like to exercise to keep their weight under control. There must be a high place or tree to climb. They are social and love friends. While there are no people in the house, any pets or cats are among the options.

Abyssinian Character Structure

A breed that can be easily followed and fed at home despite being active. They love people and animals. They play for hours with their own toys, but they love to spend an interactive time with their family. They are very fond of being combed and scrubbed with a brush and they purr while you comb.

Abyssinian Character Properties

Getting on with other cats Good
Getting on with children Good
Attention and interest Good
Talkativeness Low
Playfulness Good
Hunting Moderate
Activity Moderate
Freeness High

Abyssinian Feather Care

Shedding trend is low. Combing at certain times will remove dead fur.

Abyssinian Origin

There is information about that the origin reaching Nile Valley. His real development was in Great Britain. In the 1860s, a cat was brought to Britain by Lord Robert Napier, who arrived in Abyssinia with a military unit. This cat, whose name is Zulu, is the father of the cat breed, now known as Abyssinian. The structure and color of the fur is like wild rabbit. Zulu had so good features that he paired up with a cat that resembled himself and so formed Abysinian breed. Abyssinian cats became very popular and started to feed in Europe, America, Canada. This popularity enabled them to survive, and despite the declining numbers during the Second World War, new Abyssinian cats were imported and breed generation continued. On the other side, at the end of 1960s, the virus called 'felina laukemia' caused the risk of disappearing once again in Britain by damaging this breed, but immediately measures were taken and increased the number of Abyssinian cats.

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