British Shorthair

British Shorthair

Breed Size :
Medium Size

Kafa Biçimi:
Yuvarlak ve büyük

Kulak Biçimi:
Orta boy

Göz rengi:
Altın Sarı, Yeşil, Turuncu, Bakır, Mavi

Kuyruk uzunluğu:

Race and Behaviour Specialist Can Paksoy's character analysis




British Shorthair

The actor, the friendly British Shorthair, is tailor-made for the lonely. Because it is strongly connected to the owner. British Shorthair breed cats are big and powerful. His bones are strong and his body is muscular. The image is wide and the body lines are round. The neck is muscular, the chest is wide and the teeth are strong. The legs are thick and strong. Their first appearence was never changed. In the old days, it was a cat breed tasked for keeping pests and harmful animals away from houses. Hair is dense and thick. The thickness increases more in winter. The fur has a durable structure because it is very effective in protecting the cat. When you take British Shorthair in your lap, you have to support its back with your hands. Care must be taken that the butt portion must not below the belly. The animal may feel uncomfortable if this is not taken care of. 

British Shorthair Care

Particular attention should be given to nutrition since they are muscular and strong. It is important that they do not be off form by losing weight despite their muscular body and strong bones. Sufficient amount of exercise should be done. They must be on form with the interactive game. They can use anything around them as a toy when they do not have a toy. British can be alone. Besides being a active cat breed, they also spend time by napping under the sun. Care is easy, they're wonderful and calm friends.

British Shorthair Character Structure

They enjoy having someone with them. Compatible. They are loving cats who dedicate themselves to family members. They like to play games and if they play games they do not need hours of attention. If they are in the right mood for the game, they go to the person they want to play with by grabbing one of nearest toys. However, they can take time alone.

British Shorthair Character Properties

Getting on with other cats Good
Getting on with children Good
Attention and interest Good
Talkativeness Low
Playfulness Good
Hunting Low
Activity Low
Freeness High

British Shorthair Feather Care

Especially during seasonal changes, there is a need for daily brushing, while shedding or getting hairy. If you do not brush, mats may form in their hair. The tendency to shed is moderate.

British Shorthair Origin

The British Shorthair originally comes from Britain's streets and farms, and is also considered the first symbol of cat love. The "father" of this race is Harrison Wier, the first professional cat breeder. He is known in cat history as the "Father of the Cat Fancy". Harrison's features are not so limited. He was the person who determined the rules of the first cat show. This demonstration took place in Britain in 1871. Horrison took this smart cat from the British streets and with a comprehensive production program gentrified the cat and named it British. During World War I and World War II, the numbers were reduced, but they regained their popularity again. They have been registered worldwide. They were once known as British Blue; they were later named British or British Shorthair because other colors were later on the market.

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