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Race and Behaviour Specialist Can Paksoy's character analysis




The Burmese breed, a good climber and a remarkable jumping ability, is thrilled to be loved by their family, but it is hard to say that they can agree with other cat breeds. When you look, the Burmese cat looks light but you see that it is not as light as it looks when you take in your lap. Body size is moderate. Their bones are strong and body is muscular. Head, ear tips, jaws and even feet are round. The feathers of the burmese breed are short and bright. There may be some darkness on the fur of the kittens, but this darkness disappears as the kitten grows. With this disappearance, every suitable color comes out. Although it has been spreading over a wide range of colors for several years, the most suitable color has always been brown. 

Burmese Care

Burmese is a good climber. Therefore, there should be suitable environment and tree for climbing and bouncing. They should be fed in a manner that they are prevented from becoming obese due to their chunky body structure. This should be noted especially in cats that are unable to exercise sufficiently. Adults, no matter how calm they are, they do not miss their daily play hours. They like family members, being cared and being touched. The need for daily caressing should be met regularly.

Burmese Character Structure

The kittens are active, curious and harmonious. On the other hand, day by day, the calmness takes the place of activity. Whatever their age is, they like to spend time on the edges of the window, which is a convenient place to watch the world in a calm manner. It is clear that this breed is good with its own breed, but not with other breeds.

Burmese Character Structure

Getting on with other cats Moderate
Getting on with children Moderate
Attention and interest Good
Talkativeness Good
Playfulness High
Hunting Moderate
Activity Good
Freeness Moderate

Burmese Feather Care

Sheddind trend is low.

Burmese Origin

In 1930, a cat named Wong Mau, came to America from Burma with Dr. Joseph C. Thompson. The cat's color was brown and some thought it was a Siamese cat. However, Dr. Thompsonn was not in the same opinion. So, Dr. Thompson and those who thought that this cat is a Siamese cat decided to feed this cat to know which breed it was. Wong Mau was the beginning of the Burmese breed. Wong Mau's kittens showed that the Dr. Thompson's theory was correct. The kittens that came to world when they were mated with the Siamese cat were either Siam-Burmese hybrids or pure Siamese. When these hybrids were mated with each other, dark burmese type appeared. This fact proved that the reality was that the cat named Wong Mau was bred of unknown dark blue Siamese cat. Unfortunately, because of the popularity in 1947; instead of the pure Siamese breeds, this dark-colored cats took the showrooms. Of course, the presence of these cats in demonstration halls meant a violation of the Code of Cat Fanciers' Association; then the registration of the Burmese breed was banned. This continued until 1953, without making sure that the situation would be kept under control. Then the Cat Society of America was interfered and corrected the situation.

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