Devon Rex

Devon Rex

Breed Size :
Medium Size

Weight :
Male 3 - 4 Kg Female 2 - 3 Kg

Average Life :
9-13 years

Kafa Biçimi:

Kulak Biçimi:

Göz rengi:
Bal rengi, Mavi, Deniz Mavisi, Bakır, Yeşil, Altın Rengi, Ela, Turuncu, Sarı

Race and Behaviour Specialist Can Paksoy's character analysis




Devon Rex

An adult Devon Rex is a middle sized cat, although his head and chest are wide. Men's bones are in normal size while female’s bones are a little smaller. Therefore, some men appear larger than females. Devon Rex has an unusual appearance. His head is triangular and his nose seems to be directed to the bottom right of his eyes. His eyes are wide and ears are too large, the base is broad and covers a large part of the head. These butterfly ears, along with other distinguishing facial features, cause him to look like a creature or a dwarf. Devon Rex's soft, curved fur is also out of the ordinary. Most of the Devons have almost no feathers in certain parts of the fur. There is no feather, especially in areas where they can lick. The fur is fragile, even combing can cause the fur to be completely torn. The mustache of the Devons is also broken, because their mustaches are also fragile too.

Devon Rex Care

Devon loves climbing, so she must have cat trees to exercise and places to roost. However, these breeds also like to eat at the same time, so the feeding should be carefully controlled.

Devon Rex Character Structure

Devon Rex is an active and energetic breeds. These breeds can be called as small clowns, and they please people by exhibiting a fascinating player performance with their owner. Of course, Devon expects a thank you and being loved for this performance and purrs happily against such response.

Devon Rex Character Properties

Getting on with other cats Very Good
Getting on with children Very Good
Attention and interest Good
Talkativeness Good
Playfulness Good
Hunting Moderate
Activity Good
Freeness Moderate

Devon Rex Feather Care

Devons love warm locations under the sun, and in winter they have to live in warm places. Devon should never be brushed, because the fur is very fragile. Gently rubbing with a fabric will be enough for them.

Devon Rex Origin

When the Cornish Rex cats began to be exhibited in cat shows in England, they were a matter of curiosity and the photos were often seen in the newspapers. Devon saw one of Berly Cox's photos. It took his interest because he lived near an area where cat groups were located. These kittens also had curly furs. Cox brought a kitten with curled fur to the world. Although her mother was a flat haired home cat, this kitten had curly hair, so Cox thought her father was one of the street cats in this cat group. This cat's name was Kirlee and earned a reputation for being known as Devon Rex. Previously, breeders, thought that there might be relationship between both Cornish Rex's and Devon Rex's curled hairs and presumed that they were mated with each other. Even though this mating happened, every time a flat haired kittens came to the world. The two cats with curled fur were identified as two unique kittens.

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