Maine Coon

Maine Coon

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Big Size

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Beyaz, Siyah, Mavi, Gümüş, Altın Sarısı

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Race and Behaviour Specialist Can Paksoy's character analysis



Maine Coon

Maine Coon, a sweet breed, is a kind of cat with fluffy, silky feathers that can immediately catch up with the living environment. Maine Coon has a medium or large body size. Men are bigger than females. Their bodies are long and rectangular, their tails are long. That's why they look bigger than they are. His bones are strong, body is muscular. In the past it was a cat breed that used to live outside and keep pests and harmful animals away from houses. They have long ears on his big heads. There is a slight incline beneath their eyes when viewed from the profile. The chest is wide; the legs are thick. Feathers are fluffy and dense but also has a silky feel. However, the most interesting feature of the fur is that it is longer in the back of the legs and in the abdominal region and shorter on the shoulder.  

Maine Coon Care

If feeding is not kept under control, they can gain excess weight. A proper exercise room is a must. Besides, it would be good for them to have a place or a tree to climb. They like interactive games and they can play games with every member of the family. Because tey are a large cat breed, they can harm unintentionally by hitting the objects.

Maine Coon Character Structure

They are a kind of sweet and gentle cats despite the purpose of use in the history and their great size. They easily adapt surroundings as long as there is a place to do exercise. They get along well with family members. You think they are as wild as a lion because of the voices you hear while they move, but they are not much different from the lambs.

Maine Coon Character Properties

Getting on with other cats Very Good
Getting on with children Very Good
Attention and interest Good
Talkativeness Low
Playfulness Good
Hunting Moderate
Activity Good
Freeness High

Maine Coon Feather Care

They need daily care, they should be combed or brushed every day so that their hair does not get tangled. If they are used to this process, it will be fun for them.

Maine Coon Origin

Maine Coon is the only American native breed to be long hairy. It is likely that this breed reached other countries, thanks to a sailor to England. In this way, the cat that reached Britain temporarily came down from the ship and mated with other cats there. So, a unique breed emerged. It was in 1895 in New York that the Maine Coon was able to prove itself at shows. At that time Maine Coon cat named Leo, received the best cat award. In Boston cat shows, Leo collected all the rewards until 1900. In 1900 he was left out by his son. Immediately after this defeat, the sultanate of Iranian cats began and Maine Coon lost their popularity. In recent years, Maine Coon won the popularity again and became "The Cat of America".

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