Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian Forest Cat

Breed Size :
Big Size

Kafa Biçimi:

Kulak Biçimi:
Orta boy

Göz rengi:
Mavi, Yeşil, Altın rengi

Kuyruk uzunluğu:

Race and Behaviour Specialist Can Paksoy's character analysis



Norwegian Forest Cat

The Norwegian Forest Cat, a strong, muscular cat, is full of love and is very happy with the attention shown to him. It is a big cat with dense feathers and thick bones.. Their body is muscular. The image of this breed is parallel with the image of being used to work as a hunter in the past. There is a triangular head settled on a thick, muscular neck. The ears are medium-sized and the jaw is strong, slightly rounded. Hind legs are slightly longer than front legs. Their legs are very muscular. The claws may look too large, round and big. Perhaps it is because of the feathers between their fingers that they look too big. Fluffy fur makes them look bigger than they are. The hair is thick and long. Because they are a forest cat, as they are called, these hairs protect them from external factors. Their structure is silky and the length of the hair varies according to the season. The feathers on the tail are long and bushy.

Norwegian Forest Cat Care

When they need it they control the diet program spontaneously , they do it by exercising more. If there is already a proper place to exercise enough , there is no need to put any limit on feeding. They enjoy having a room due to the instinct to protect their living space. They love running, playing with their toys, hiding. A room should be set for roosting and running. 

Norwegian Forest Cat Character Structure

They are the sweet, loving cat. Once they adopt, they connect very closely with their family. So they can be good friends. They never give up their hunter identity. They even chase toys as if they are alive. They strongly protect their areas and boundaries by nature. They walk around throughout the day and check if there is any problem.

Norwegian Forest Cat Character Properties

Getting on with other cats Good
Getting on with children Good
Attention and interest Moderate
Talkativeness Low
Playfulness Good
Hunting Good
Activity Good
Freeness Low

Norwegian Forest Cat Feather Care

Daily combing should be performed especially during shedding season. This process can also be included in the daily play time. In times of shedding, medication may be needed to prevent the hair from getting tangled.

Norwegian Forest Cat Origin

According to the legend, this cat is a magical cat breed that suddenly appears and disappears, jumps from tree to tree in the forest. Only the hairy tail of the cat appears for a while but the cat's itself does not appear. They know what people do not know. Even their hearts. This beautifully tailed and loving cat is the Norwegian Forest Cat. The Norwegian breeders have acted to get such a cat, because this cat breed is at least as good as the myth that is made up of it. Prior to World War II, Norwegian Forest Cat had his first show in Norway. When Norwegian Forrest Cat arrived in America, the native Maine Coon was the most popular breed. However, lovers of this breed have provided the Norwegian Forest Cat to take part in the demonstrations. Thus, a love of Norwegian Forest Cat was born in America.

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