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Medium Size

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Parlak Bakır, Mavi, Yeşil, Ela

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The Persian (Iranian) cat, a cold-blooded breed, likes to sleep at the edge of sunny window and sunbathe. They can be active like a kitten. At first glance due to their fluffy feathers and thick bones they look big, but there is a medium sized body under the feather. The image is remarkable. The body, legs and neck are short, but structurally thick. The tail is short and ears are small. Their head is round, their eyes are also round and big. The nose is not even clear from the profile; there is color difference only where the nose is. The feathers are thick, long and round.They attract attention with their bright structure.

Persian Care

In order to stay in shape, the nutrition must be kept under control. Particular attention should be paid to the diet as well as a normal exercise program, because it will be difficult to perform exercises that require too much energy for this breed . The exercise material may be a ball, a toy mouse, or other moving toys. Interactive exercise with his family please them.

Persian Character Structure

A moving cat like a kitten. They may suddenly get up and run around while they are sleeping under the sun. In general, they are friendly to everyone. They can sleep with you on your knee and in your bed. They can easily adapt to changes made in their life.

Persian Character Properties

Getting on with other cats Very Good
Getting on with children Very Good
Attention and interest Good
Talkativeness Low
Playfulness Moderate
Hunting Low
Activity Low
Freeness Moderate

Persian Feather Care

Feather needs daily care. Hair needs to be combed or brushed to avoid knotting. There may be an accumulation in their eyes due to the flat structure of their face; this should be cleaned daily.

Persian Origin

The history is a bit puzzled because it is a cat breed based on ancient times. Long-haired pets were imported from Asia and brought to Italy in the 1500's. In the 17th century, PietroDella Vella brought a cat of this breed to add to the breeding program in Italy. Due to being a cat living in the desert, this cat's name in Iran is known as SandCat. Their structure is like steel and suitable for life in sand. About a hundred years later, Nicolas de Pereisc bought long-haired cats. These cats were brought from Turkey, where there is other long-haired Turkish Angora breed. In the 19th century, those from Italy were crossed with the cat's relatives from Turkey. This is the origin of today's Iranian cat. As can be understood from this, it is a cat breed formed by human intervention. As Queen Victoria and noble families began admiring this cat breed, the popularity of the Iranian cat grew. Towards the end of the 19th century, they were brought to America and there, they also became popular.

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