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Ragdoll, a long sized, loving cat breed, can be a very good friend for people who prefer to live in an apartment, and the relationship with people is very good. The body is muscular with being structurally long. Their feather is like plush. Bones are strong. They look bigger than they are. The head is not very big, but the feathers makes the head and face look too big. The ears are also ideal sized and placed on both sides of the head to complete the rectangular shape. Their legs are long and strong. The chin must be well developed and the eyes must be blue. The ragdoll breeds have different colored feathers. If the body is a light color, it is likely to be dark colored shapes on it. Their face and ears are darker contrary to their body. Two-color Ragdolls usually have dark spots in their body. A shape similar to an inverted V-shape can be observed in the part extending from the forehead to the legs provided that the neck is white. The feather may be long or slightly shorter. They attract attention with their silky and soft structure.  

Ragdoll Care

There may be a noticeable amount of meat in the upper abdomen area. This is normal for this breed, but certainly not a reason to gain weight. Feeding should be kept under control. In addition to playing in the room on their own, interactive games are also useful for them. In case of need, one of the family members should play with them daily.

Ragdoll Character Structure

A compatible cat breed that would not bothered even being in the lap. They can immediately adapt any changes that may develop thanks to their cold-blooded structure. They can adapt to the apartment life.

Ragdoll Character Properties

Getting on with other cats Very Good
Getting on with children Very Good
Attention and interest Moderate
Talkativeness Moderate
Playfulness Good
Hunting Moderate
Activity Moderate
Freeness Low

Ragdoll Feather Care

The care of the glamorous hair is not as hard as it seems to be. A daily brushing of the fur is an adequate care. This is important in that the hair does not get tangled.

Ragdoll Origin

Although it is a very popular cat, the necessary information about its origin has not provided . It can be said that in the 1960s it appeared in California. It was probably hybrid of the Burmese, Birman and Persian (Iran) breeds. However, it is known that the ragdoll was descended from a white cat named Josephine, so the members of this breed are also known as Josephine's children. Ann Baker, the creator of this breed, patented the name "Ragdoll" when he discovered that the cat from Josephine was harmonious and curious to sit on the lap, and this name has only used for this cat breed. It is not possible for the breed to go out of standard colors or to have any hybridization. Nevertheless, some new colors have gradually begun to show themselves.

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