Scottish Fold

Scottish Fold

Breed Size :
Medium Size

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Göz rengi:
Mavi, Yeşil, Altın Bakır rengi

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Race and Behaviour Specialist Can Paksoy's character analysis



Scottish Fold

Scottish Fold care is easy and is compatible with every member of the family. Medium-sized, round-looking cat has bones in a medium thickness. The head is round, the ears are not actually round, but the folded image creates the impression that their ears are round. The Scottish Fold name comes from the peculiar ear feature of the cat's breed. Her eyes are round and bright. Legs and tail look round. 

Scottish Fold Care

Attention should be paid to Scottish Fold's diet. They should not gain excess weight as it is understood from the roundness of the body. They are not as active as other breeds and love to eat; Therefore, care should be taken especially in this regard. They need an interactive game to keep form. Being easy to care, they love brushing as a part of the game. They like to play with their tail. When the hardness on the tail is noticed, they should be immediately taken to the veterinarian.

Scottish Fold Character Structure

They are an attractive, sweet cat species. Care is easy, they are harmonious. They agree with every individual in the family. More attention should be paid when touching their tail. Some cats may have hardness in their tails; This hardness can be painful if touched hard accidentally.

Scottish Fold Character Properties

Getting on with other cats Good
Getting on with children Good
Attention and interest Moderate
Talkativeness Low
Playfulness Good
Hunting Very good
Activity Moderate
Freeness High

Scottish Fold Feather Care

The hair is easy to care for. In some cases Scottish Folds may have long feathers and this is called Scottish Fold Longhair. The feathers of long hairy ones are sensitive and require regular care.

Scottish Fold Origin

The curled ear cats are antique. Their emergence was in 1796. That year a British sailor has brought one of these cats with him while caming from China. However, China once again contributed to the arrival of this cat breed in 1938. But as we know, the first Scottish Fold came to world in 1961 in Pertshire, Scotland. The name of the cat was Susie. Later, they were used to obtain domestic cat or curled ear British Shorthair. Susie is the ancestor of every Scottish Fold today. Although their first traces were in England, they were never as popular as in America. Americans are in love with this cat breed and have contributed the beauty of today. It is a difficult cat to breed. A cat with a curled ear should not be mated with another curled ear. The allowed hybrids are American Shorthair and British Shorthair. If both of the paired cats are curled ears, the baby can suffer from walking difficulties. Even with proper hybridization, the offspring may be small; each of the offspring may not have curled ears.

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