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Race and Behaviour Specialist Can Paksoy's character analysis




Siamese with a glorious image and warm-blooded structure is a breed that needs attention. With their long body structure, they have stylish stance. The neck, legs and tail are also long. The medium sized body is muscular. The head is long rectangular. Long ears complete this rectangle. Their legs are long and thin like their nose. The tail tapers towards the tip. They have bright blue eyes and almond shaped eyes. The feather is short, bright. The harmony between the blue eyes and the darkness of the Siamese cat's hair in certain parts of the body is remarkable. The color of ears, tail and feet is different from the color of the body. The face is also in dark color. This dark area covers the periphery of the eye and around the end of the mustaches. This mask becomes smaller when they are younger, as the cat grows it becomes more and more flattened.  

Siamese Care

Due to muscular and long body structure, it immediately becomes apparent when they gain weight. If they are fed too much for a day, it can be seen immediately from their bulging belly. Feeding should be kept under control. Due to the structure of the legs they are not suitable for carrying overweighted body. Because they like climbing and jumping, areas where these activities can be done must be provided. They love playing with their toys at home. A warm cat that likes to sleep on the knees of his family.

Siamese Character Structure

Talking only about its beauty is the greatest wrong that can be done to this cat breed. Because Siamese cats are intelligent beings. Can be trained to walk with the leash. But being smart does not mean that you can teach everything you want. Like any other cats that adopt this style, they have their own desires.

Siamese Character Properties

Getting on with other cats Moderate
Getting on with children Low
Attention and interest High
Talkativeness High
Playfulness High
Hunting Moderate
Activity Good
Freeness Low


Siamese Feather Care

The hair does not need much care, but combing with a brush makes them very happy.

Siamese Origin

It is the legendary cat of the King of Siam. It is not only the magnificent beauty that the king valued this breed, at the same time, the King's attention was drawn by his ability to perform the guard duty as well. Such that; these cats were placed on columns surrounding the throne. At the time of the danger, the Siamese cat was jumping on the person who threatened the security of the king. With the effect of jumping from so high, he dropped the person down or scratched his face. Whether this myth is true or not is a mystery. However, the cat breed that was noted by the German naturalist and explorer Peter Simon Pallas during the discovery of the Caspian Sea was probably Siamese. Pallas noted this cat as " paws, tail and ears are black... legs are smaller than other cat breeds, head is long toward the nasal region ". The first Siamese cats seen in Europe were given as gifts to the consulate general by King Siamese. The cats named Pho and Mia were brought by Owen Gould in 1884 in order to be mated in England. The cats from this mating was exhibited by Gould's sister in 1885 at the Crystal Palace in London. The first Siamese cat in America was also a gift to a friend by the King of Siam. In the 1890s and 1900s Siamese cats were imported from Britain, France, Japan and Siam to North America. This breed, which was very rare until World War II, has been seen as one of the most common cat breeds after that period.

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