Airedale Terrier

Airedale Terrier

Breed Size :
Medium Size

Height :
Male 58 - 61 cm Female 56 - 58 cm

Weight :
Male 18 - 23 Kg Female 18 - 20 Kg

Average Life :
10 - 13 years

Race and Behaviour Specialist Can Paksoy's character analysis



Airedale Terrier

Airedale Terrier is loyal but can also be stubborn. Airedale Terrier is active, intelligent and playful. Barking is also rare. Airedale Terrier is brave, but can also act naughty. The largest of the terriers, the Airedale has a long head, deep chest, flat back, straight legs and small, rounded feet. The Airedale Terrier has drooping 'V' ears, small and dark eyes, a black nose and sharp teeth like scissors. They are serious and have standing tail. The teeth of the Airedale Terrier are the largest of the Terriers, and they can hurt very bitterly when they bite. 

Airedale Terrier Training

Airedale Terrier quickly understands what you want. If diversity is not presented during the training process, the Airedale Terrier may be bored and may refuse activities.

Airedale Terrier Care

The pets Airedale Terrier should be combed occasionally, but show dogs need much more care. Domestic ones should be combed twice a week and their feather should be cleaned twice a year. Generally for the show dogs, dead hairs should be wiped with a toothed edge blade and the fur should be eased. The health of Airedale Terrier is generally excellent, but like many other lines it is susceptible to eye diseases and hip dysplasia. Airedale Terrier lives on average 10-13 years and brings 5-12 puppies to the world.

Airedale Terrier Character Structure

Airedale Terrier treats children patiently and is tolerant to other domestic animals. If they are not properly trained they can try to dominate other dogs. Airedale Terrier is fearless and always alert, but not aggressive. Enthusiastic, extroverted and self-assured.

Airedale Terrier Character Properties

Energy Level High
Exercise needs High
Playfullness Very Good
Getting on with other dogs Good
Getting on with other pets Moderate
Getting on with children Good
Behavior with foreigners Good
Trainability Good
Protection feature High

Airedale Terrier Feather

The Airedale Terrier has flat, hard, wiry outer fur and short, soft inner fur. There are black stains on the back and sides, and generally the color is bronze. Gray and white colors can also be seen (called 'ghost color') between the black spots. Airedale Terrier does not shed too much. The scattered chin hairs have a similar appearance of goatee.

Airedale Terrier Exercise Needs

Airedale Terrier, having hunting instinct, must be walked out several times a day and allowed to play in the garden. The babies need more frequent exercises. Swimming and fetch games are Airedale Terrier's favorite activities, but they can be very noisy behind closed doors.

Airedale Terrier Living Environment

Airedale Terrier is not suitable for apartment living.

Airedale Terrier Origin

Airedale Terriers (also known as 'Sea Terrier', 'Bingley Terrier', or 'King of Terriers' because of its size, although less used than the others) are from the Airedale valley in West Yorkshire, England. They emerged from mating of Otterhound and the Black and Bronze Terrier because of his increased ability to compete in the water rat hunting race in the Aire River. As a result, a breed has emerged that possesses the skills of hunting and tracing the animal to its nest. Afterwards Irish Terrier and Bull Terrier were mated. Airedale Terrier was first brought to North America in 1880. The champion master Briar, born in 1897, is known as the leader in the formation of this gender. The Airedale Terrier served as a messenger and research animal in the First World War. President Roosevelt expressed his praise as saying, "An Airedale can do anything that other dogs do, and then if he wants, he does not even hesitate to lick those dogs" John Wayne's nickname, "The Duke," refers to the Airedale Terrier, who accompanies him everywhere.

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