Akita Inu

Akita Inu

Breed Size :
Big Size

Height :
Male 34 - 54 cm Female 34 - 50 cm

Weight :
Male 66 - 71 Kg Female 61 - 66 Kg

Average Life :
10-12 years


Akita Inu

Akitas are brave and intelligent. They need human companionship. Indoor life is necessary (but they can also fit outside in cool climates) and a special care must be taken. They are very protective and defensive. They do not like being together with other dogs. They need to be familiar with other animals that they live in the same place to prevent their aggressive behavior. They get on well with children especially those with a little older age. They must have a place of their own. They dont like strangers. Their eyes are small, triangular, and the skull is flat; the back is platy. Ears are angular, small and upright. The tail is thick, curved and big. They are good swimmers due to their broad feet. 

Akita Inu Training

Akitas should be treated with a reassuring and consistent approach. Persistent and heavy training slows down the process. Toilet training can be given easily. They can live with other animals, if they are socialized at young age.

Akita Inu Care

Akitas must be brushed once a week to get rid of the dead fur, and they must be groomed with metal-tipped combs when shedding. The skin should be gently washed and soft shampoos should be used if necessary to avoid losing the natural ages of the fur. The fur on the leg must be trimmed occasionally. They tend to have hip dysplasia, eye and knee disease.They give birth to 5-7 puppies at atime and their life span is 10-12 years.

Akita Inu Character Structure

They have strong hunting instincts; calm, agile, intelligent and good observers. As well as being quiet and dignified, they are careful and strong. Thanks to their nobility and kindness, they are good companions and guides. Usually obedient and barking behavior is rare.

Akita Inu Character Properties

Energy Level Moderate
Exercise needs High
Playfullness Moderate
Getting on with other dogs Moderate
Getting on with other pets Moderate
Getting on with children Good
Behavior with foreigners Moderate
Trainability Moderate
Protection feature High

Akita Inu Feather

Outer feather layer consists of flat and thick hair and inner layer is soft and bushy. The hairs on legs and head are short. Akita's designated colors are red, white and striped. They may be spotted in the American species, but in the Japanese species it is impossible. They shed twice a year.

Akita Inu Exercise Needs

They must be promoted both physically and mentally as well as possessing substantial strength. A closed area should be defined for activity or they should be take out walking with a leash.

Akita Inu Living Environment

They love playing time with family. If adequate exercise is done, they can adapt to the apartment life.

Akita Inu Origin

Akita (also known as Akita uni or Japanese Akita) is the largest and most known of the Japanese species. Akita was trained as a fight dog in the Middle Ages and was breeded in the 1800s for the renovation of several old Japanese species. This breed was declared as a natural Japanese monument and Akita Inu Hazankai Association was established in 1918 to protect the species. In 1937 Hellen Keller's guide dog became the first Akita dog to go to America. After the Second World War, dogs of this kind were popular in America during this period, as the soldiers who went to Japan for war brought Akita with themselves. Today, the most famous Akita known in the world is Hachiko. Hachiko greeted his returning owner every day. After the death of the owner, he lived 9 more years and for those years he waited at train station every day for his owner. Today, there is a statue of Hachiko at the railway station and a ceremony is held every year in honor of him.

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