Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd Dog

Breed Size :
Medium Size

Height :
Male 46 - 56 cm Female 43 - 48 cm

Weight :
Male 16 – 33 Kg Female 16 – 29 Kg

Average Life :
12-15 years

Race and Behaviour Specialist Can Paksoy's character analysis



Australian Shepherd Dog

If they are socialized when they are baby they become ideal friends for children and dogs. They may be shy about strangers. They get bored very quickly. If socialization and exercise are not enough, they can be nervous and harmful. It has triangular, high-satnding ears and a well-balanced stop on the face. There are scissors teeth, brown-blue-amber eyes. They have flat back, natural, short tails. They are taller than their tails.

Australian Shepherd Dog Training

Training Australian Shepherd Dog breeds is funny because they learn very quickly and easily. They can adapt to many sports and they can be successful in competitions.

Australian Shepherd Dog Care

They need combing very few , but sufficient combing is required when shedding. Bathing should be done only when necessary. They can tolerate warm and cool air, but they need to live indoor because they want to be socialized constantly.

Australian Shepherd Dog Character Structure

They are intelligent and eager to learn. They're calm, loyal and love to devote themselves. They have a close relationship with their family. Known for being self-confident, full of life and acting like a puppy.

Australian Shepherd Dog Character Properties

Energy Level High
Exercise needs High
Playfullness Very Playful
Getting on with other dogs Moderate
Getting on with other pets Moderate
Getting on with children Moderate
Behavior with foreigners Distant
Trainability High
Protection feature High

Australian Shepherd Dog Feather

There may be varieties from medium to tall . the lower feather layer is condense. They may have flat or slightly wavy fur, the fur is resistant to weather conditions. The feathers on the legs and head are short and soft. They can be black or red and all varieties can be white spotted.

Australian Shepherd Dog Exercise Needs

Besides the need for much exercise, they should always be under control. They become perfect friends for active people.

Australian Shepherd Dog Living Environment

When adequate exercise is provided, they can adapt to apartment life.

Australian Shepherd Dog Origin

The Australian Shepherd (shepherd dog, also called Aussie shortly) is not an Australian origin. İt is believed that Some Basque farmers have brought their ancestors with them when they emigrated to Australia. So, they were brought to United States in the Golden Age of California In 1849. A few centuries of development period of this breed occurred in Northwest America. Australian breed; has been crossbred with many dogs to obtain a dog that can comply with harsh weather conditions and the conditions of the western US. This breeding focuses more on features such as ability, durability, speed rather than appearance. This delayed the official record of the Australian Sepherd (shepherd dog) gender. After a role in rodeo performances and Disney films such as 'Run Appolosa Run' in 1950, their popularites increased. It was officially recognized in 1993 by the American Kennel Club.

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