Breed Size :
Small Size

Height :
Male 38 - 43 cm Female 38 - 43 cm

Weight :
Male 9 – 12 Kg Female 9 – 12 Kg

Average Life :
12-15 years

Race and Behaviour Specialist Can Paksoy's character analysis




They are not a proper playmate, but they are a reliable for children. When they are young, enough socialization must be done otherwise when they see other dogs they will treat them as a prey. They get along well with their kind. They can be aggressive if not exercised enough. They are not friendly to strangers. The ears are upright and small; eyes are almond shaped. There are wrinkles on their forehead. There are small feet, curled tails. Their appearance resembles a deer.  

Basenji Training

It is a race with difficulties in training. It is known that they are not obedient. But they learn very fast because they are smart.

Basenji Care

They do not need to have a bath so they clean themselves with their paws like cats. Dead hairs must be combed to clear. It is possible that basenji dogs are kept in a disease called Fankoni Syndrome. This disease is caused by consuming too much fluid and is therefore related to the toilet. They like to jump, climb; they should never be left alone on the streets.

Basenji Character Structure

They have energetic and intelligent character. Besides the ability of imitating other dogs barking sounds , there are also different barking sounds. Despite being a free spirited, they depend on the family. They are similar to the pussies because of their attitude towards water They have powerful structures.

Basenji Character Properties

Energy Level Moderate
Exercise needs Moderate
Playfullness Very Playful
Getting on with other dogs Moderate
Getting on with other pets Moderate
Getting on with children Moderate
Behavior with foreigners Moderate
Trainability High
Protection feature Low

Basenji Feather

They have a dense fur that can appear in the form of flesh, black, red or mixed colors. Their hair is short. The feet, breasts, and tail ends of this dog lines are white. In some others, the neck and legs may be white. They shed very few so they are ideal lines for people with allergies.

Basenji Exercise Needs

They are a kind of dogs that need playing with his owner in a garden and exercises such as long hiking.

Basenji Living Environment

Interior life is a necessity and they do not have problems to adapt to apartment life.

Basenji Origin

Basenji (also known as African Bush, Congo or Congo Terrier) is an ancient species depicted in Egyptian tombs. The origin is Africa and the meaning of the name of the breed is the bush. They were imported to England in the 1930s and then to America. After appearing as a character in the 1950s book and movie "Goodbye My Lady" , their popularity increased. In the 1980's some Basenji were imported to Africa; which has also conduced to gaining a mixed color feathered look.

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