Belgian Malinois

Belgian Malinois

Breed Size :
Big Size

Height :
Male 61 - 66 cm Female 56 - 61 cm

Weight :
Male 24 - 29 Kg Female 23 - 38 Kg

Average Life :
12 - 15 years

Race and Behaviour Specialist Can Paksoy's character analysis



Belgian Malinois

Belgian Malinois is energetic, vibrant and eager to work. They are aware of their surroundings and intelligent dogs. Belgium Malinois often needs to communicate and play games with the master. They tend to make very strong connections with a single person. During the puppet period of the Belgian Malinois, there may be phobias against certain objects and locations, but usually these phobias disappear as they grow up.   

Belgian Malinois Training

The Belgian Malinois should be trained gently and decisively. The Belgian Malinois responds very strongly to stiff reactions; hitting or shouting at them will only have negative consequences. The best results can be achieved with award-winning training methods. Belgium Malinois needs mental stimulation, so training should not be too repetitive. Loyalty and sport based training (such as tracing or agility training) is very helpful and helps to bring out all the talents of the Belgian Malinois.

Belgian Malinois Care

The Belgian Malinois needs to be brushed and combed twice a week, and this should be done more often when shedding. Too much brushing or combing can damage the inner fur. The Belgian Malinois lives average for 12-15 years. They have similar health problems with other breeds, but are more susceptible to epileptic disease.

Belgian Malinois Character Structure

The Belgian Malinois should be socialized from the puppy period if they will live with other dogs and pets. They are shy about strangers but get on well with children. They are not suitable for people who do not have enough time because of the need for too much socialization and activity.

Belgian Malinois Character Properties

Energy Level High
Exercise needs High
Playfullness Moderate
Getting on with other dogs Moderate
Getting on with other pets Moderate
Getting on with children Good
Behavior with foreigners Low
Trainability High
Protection feature High

Belgian Malinois Feather

The Belgian Malinois has short, brown, gray or yellowish brown fur and some have black-tipped hairs. There is a black mask and ears, and the lower fur is light colored. Belgian Malinois is not striped (there are no stripes in different colors). The Belgian Malinois sheds heavily once or twice in a year.

Belgian Malinois Exercise Needs

The Belgian Malinois needs outdoor exercises every day, such as long walk or playing in the garden. Belgium Malinois offers positive results with mental stimulation and enjoys a wide variety of games or sports, even from a simple catch-up game.

Belgian Malinois Living Environment

As long as enough exercise is done, they can live in the apartment. The breed, which is moderately active in the house, is happier in a house with a medium-sized protected garden. They can be adaptable to all climates, but They are more accustomed to warm climatic conditions. They can be raised outside the home, but they should have enough time with their owner, and regular exercise, physical and mental activities should not be neglected.

Belgian Malinois Origin

There are four types closely related to the Belgian Shepherd, which was classified independently in 1891 and identified as the 'Chien de Berger Document'. They are all shepherd and guard dogs, and they are distinguished by their main appearances: Malinois's hair is short, Leakenois has wiry hairs (not yet known by the American Kennel Club), Groenendael has long and black hairs(also known as the Belgian Shepherd) and Tervuren has long hairs in different colors. Malinois has taken its name from Mechelen, Belgium. They are the most popular dog breeds in Belgium and have become the world's most popular police dogs, including the using by the Israeli Defense Forces. In America, their popularity as a pet is increasing, but they are mostly used in sports and duties.

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