Belgian Shepherd

Belgian Shepherd

Breed Size :
Big Size

Height :
Male 58 - 66 cm Female 56 - 62 cm

Weight :
Male 28 – 35 Kg Female 26 – 32 Kg

Average Life :
12-15 years

Race and Behaviour Specialist Can Paksoy's character analysis



Belgian Shepherd Groenendael

They are one of the breeds that should be socialized when they are young, if they will live with pets and other dogs. They are shy about strangers but get along well with children. They are not ideal dogs for people who do not have enough time because they need activities and socialization. They are known to have flat skulls, almond-shaped eyes, a proper stop and triangle, upright ears. They have flat back, curved tail and small, round, cat legs. Their bodies are muscular and agile.  

Belgian Shepherd Groenendael Training

They need to be trained politely with patience and determination. They must not be strictly traeted or beaten. The most efficient training method is the reward method. There is a need for more mental stimulation, so there is no point in being too much repetitive while training him. Trainings on obedience and sports will be much more productive and will enable your dog to realize its potential.

Belgian Shepherd Groenendael Care

It is necessary to comb twice a week with a brush or comb, especially much more when shedding. Too much combing can damage the lower layer of hair.

Belgian Shepherd Groenendael Character Structure

They are eager to work, energetic and full of life. They literally follow everything around them. Often they have the need to play with the owner and be together. It is known that they are very close to one person. While they are young, they may have some phobia, but when they grow up, these phobia disappear.

Belgian Shepherd Groenendael Character Properties

Energy Level High
Exercise needs High
Playfullness Moderate
Getting on with other dogs Moderate
Getting on with other pets Moderate
Getting on with children Good
Behavior with foreigners Distant
Trainability High
Protection feature High

Belgian Shepherd Groenendael Feather

They have a black, double layer feather. The outer layer is long, dense, flat and hard ; the inner layer is lush. It is seen that there are more feathers around the neck, especially in the females. They shed very much once or twice a year.

Belgian Shepherd Groenendael Exercise Needs

They need too much outdoor exercises. Active games in the garden, long walks are examples of these exercises. The reason why they prefer the sport sessions and mixed games more than the simple catch-up games is their interest to mental activities.

Belgian Shepherd Groenendael Living Environment

If enough exercise is done, they can live in apartment. An active breed in the home and can be happier in a house with a protected garden.

Belgian Shepherd Groenendael Origin

The Belgian Shepherd Dog had four different varieties, similar to each other in 1891. They were all shepherd and guard dogs; they were distinguished from their outer appearance. There is a short hairy type called Mallinois, Laekenois has brushy hair (not officially recognized by the American Kennel Club), Groenendael (Belgian Shepherd shortly) is long and black and Tervuren have long hairs in every color. The most known breed is Groenendael. This name was taken in 1910. During World War I, they were messenger and guard dogs. Nowadays, they are popular with their attracting feathers.

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