Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise

Breed Size :
Small Size

Height :
Male 23 - 30 cm Female 23 - 28 cm

Weight :
Male 3 – 5 Kg Female 3 – 5 Kg

Average Life :
13-17 years

Race and Behaviour Specialist Can Paksoy's character analysis



Bichon Frise

They are eager to be friends with strangers, with other dogs and children. They often bark and slightly bite while playing. They act as extra super family member. Like cats, they like to run happily in the house. They have short fluffy hairs, round eyes, low ears, round feet. There is a tail curving from behind. Scissors teeth, small mouth, strong breasts and nice long necks. There are dark circles around her eyes. Noses and lips are dark.

Bichon Frise Training

Their training is easy, because they are very intelligent. There are many behaviours they can learn. Males can be trained more easily than females. Home training can be difficult.

Bichon Frise Care

They should be brushed and combed every two days and should be trimmed every month. Combing should be done as comfortably as possible. Foot and ear hairs should be trimmed occasionally and the back area should be wiped with a wet cloth. They may be sensitive to lice bites and may have allergies. 13-16 years of life and 4-5 pups at a time.

Bichon Frise Character Structure

These dogs are sensitive, harmonious, friendly and quite playful. They are jumping, lively, happy and friendly. There have easy and happy characteristics.

Bichon Frise Character Properties

Energy Level Moderate
Exercise needs Low
Playfullness Very playful
Getting on with other dogs Good
Getting on with other pets Good
Getting on with children Good
Behavior with foreigners Good
Trainability High
Protection feature Low

Bichon Frise Feather

There are two white feather layers. The bottom layer is silky, dense, soft; the upper layer is curly, thick. When they are padded, the feathers spring up and appear bulky. They may have shadows in apricot and cream colors. But these shadows fade at the first age. They are highly hypoallergenic and do not sked, which are a good choice for allergy sufferers. There are two types of combinng system; short cut like poodles or long cut, that give a more rounded appearance due to puffy cuts.

Bichon Frise Exercise Needs

An active dog that needs daily exercise. Despite being small, they are willing to play hard outdoor games. They love short walks. They like to jump and play in the garden. The apartment is very easy to get used to.

Bichon Frise Living Environment

These dogs need human friendship very much. They should be fed in the home. They do not shed.

Bichon Frise Origin

Bichon Frise (means curly dog, also known as Bichon Frize, Bichon a Poil Frise) comes from the Barbet genus, the Mediterranean species. They are crossbred of Barbet and a short, white feathered breed. Bichons have four categories: Havanese, Bolognese, Maltaise and Tenerife. They were brought from the Canary Islands by Italian mariners in the 1300s and gained popularity among the French-Italian upper class people. King Francois I was one of them. The generations were almost became extinct during World War I, but they escaped thanks to their playfulness and accompanying street jugglers. In the 1930s, French producers made efforts to reproduce this genus, and they gained their popularity after coming back to America in the 1950s.

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