Biewer Yorkshire Terrier

Biewer Yorkshire Terrier

Breed Size :
Toy Size

Height :
Male 17 – 22 cm Female 15 – 17,5 cm

Weight :
Male 2-3 Kg Female 2-3 Kg

Average Life :
12 - 15 years


Biewer Yorkshire Terrier

As long as you do not intervene in their personal space, they will get along well with the children. Due to their small size, they should be kept under observation with small children. They may be very courageous against the big dog, but they are good at cats and pets. They are not suitable for cold weather and they need indoor life. Biewers have small, straight heads; flat or scissors teeth; smart looking dark eyes; upright V-shaped ears. They have straight ears, high standing tails.

Biewer Yorkshire Terrier Training

They are quick learners and intelligent dogs; however they have free and stubborn structures.

Biewer Yorkshire Terrier Care

They need bathing every two days and require daily brushing or combing. They should be shaved by a prefessionals. The feather should be kept away from their eyes. The feather can be cut short for better care. The excess hair around the ear should be cleaned. Their life spans between 12-15 years. Biewer pups can get hypoglycemia.

Biewer Yorkshire Terrier Character Structure

They become addicted to their family, but many of them fond of their freedom. Live and smart. They like to play, have a childish structure. When he feels danger, he shows barking behavior.

Biewer Yorkshire Terrier Character Properties

Energy Level Low
Exercise needs Low
Playfullness Very playful
Getting on with other dogs Good
Getting on with other pets Good
Getting on with children Very Good
Behavior with foreigners Moderate
Trainability Good
Protection feature Low

Biewer Yorkshire Terrier Feather

There are smooth, long, silky feathers. Heads can be in two or three different colors: black-blue with gold-color and white mixture, blue-black with gold-color or white mixture with a wonderful symmetry with gold. The head of tail, the lower part of the abdomen, the chest and legs are white. Their backs are either black and white or blue. This breed’s feather and color is the most important part of the demonstrations. The fur separating from the back can be extended to the body length. They do not have lower layer feathers and shed very few.

Biewer Yorkshire Terrier Exercise Needs

Indoor exercises meet activity needs. However, daily hiking and playing in the garden is also necessary. The apartments fit well into their life.

Biewer Yorkshire Terrier Living Environment

The Yorkshire Terrier is a good choice for apartment life. He's pretty active at home. He likes to live in warm environments.

Biewer Yorkshire Terrier Origin

Biewer Terrier is known as Biewer Yorkshire or Biewer Yorkie. Their origin dates back to 1984 in Hunsruck, Germany. Scneeflocken von Friedheck and Fru Fru von Friedheck, winners of the same year, a pair of blue and flesh color Yorkshireers (Werner and Gertrude Biewer's dogs) brought a pup named Scneeflocken von Friedheck to the world. This puppy was black and white due to genetic mutation; There were large and asymmetrical spots. Yorkshire has been breeded to get white legs, chest, waist and tail. In 1989 Brewer Yorkshire was formalized by ACH and imported into the United States in 2003. The only American club sponsored by the Biewer's explorer is the Biewer Terrier Club.

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