Breed Size :
Small Size

Height :
Male 26 - 30 cm Female 23 - 28 cm

Weight :
Male 3 - 5 Kg Female 2 - 4 Kg

Average Life :
12-14 years

Race and Behaviour Specialist Can Paksoy's character analysis




The Bolognese are cheerful, intelligent, focused and obedient. They depend on their owners very much, they follow them room by room. Bolognese often do not bark, but they do good guard by alarming against potential hazards. They like to play games, they become affectionate and they have close relationships with their owners. Bolognese are less energetic than Bichon Frise. They are perfect friends. The eyes and nose are wide and dark, rounded jaw, the teeth are white and sharp like a knife, and the ears are long and low. The breast of Bolognese is deep and the tail is curved behind. Bologneses are small like square-shaped, their length and width are nearly same.

Bolognese Training

Bologneses love to make people happy and easy to be trained. Especially at younger ages, they display a submissive attitude and produce positive results in the trainings.

Bolognese Care

Since the feathers of the Bolognese can get tangled, they must be combed every day. Brushing on a monthly basis is recommended; the feathers must not be trimmed or cut. Bolognes have an average life span of 12-14 years and bring an average of 3 puppies to the world. There are no known basic health problems.

Bolognese Character Structure

Bologneses enjoy friendship with other dogs, pets and children. (Like all other small animals) They should be checked for the safety when they are together with small children. Bolognese should not be left alone because they like to spend time with their family. They are shy about strangers but not angry.

Bolognese Character Properties

Energy Level Moderate
Exercise needs Moderate
Playfullness Moderate
Getting on with other dogs Moderate
Getting on with other pets Moderate
Getting on with children Moderate
Behavior with foreigners Moderate
Trainability Good
Protection feature Moderate

Bolognese Feather

Bologneses have a very distinctive fur. There is a long, flat and fluffy fur that covers the entire body and the fur on the face is a little shorter. Bolognese has woolen, non-silky feathers, and these feathers should never be cropped or cut. They don't have inner fur. Bologneses have a pure white color that does not contain any stains or shading. Bologneses are hypoallergenic.

Bolognese Exercise Needs

Most of the exercises that Bologneses have to do are done indoor, but they enjoy going out for long walks and playing in a closed garden. 

Bolognese Living Environment

They can live in apartments.

Bolognese Origin

Bolognese (pronounced 'bowl-owe-KNEES') first emerged as a result of the pairing of Bichon Frize and Havanese breeds. They have come from ancestry of "Bichon" in the 11th and 12th centuries in southern Italy. This name comes from a city in Italy called 'Bologna'. Cosimo the Elder, a strong political leader in the Italian province of Florence, he brought this dog breed with him as a gift several times during visits in 1400's, so they became famous pets in Spain's royal family. Over the next few centuries, Bologneses increased their popularity in Europe as a result of the presence of tables made by Francisco Goya and Tiziano Vecellin. But in the following years there has been a striking decline in numbers. In recent years, Italian breeder Gian Franco Giannelli has made great efforts to increase the number of Bolognese genders, but still maintains their rarity in the United States, with an estimated 1,000 Bologneses. Bolognese has not yet been recognized by the American Kennel Club, but has been registered by FSS. He first showed himself in Crufts, the world's biggest international dog show in 2002. PLEASE NOTE: This line has been approved to be register at FSS. This is a simple way to maintain remarkable records of the development of the line. This line does not have the right to register for the AKC (American Kennel Club).

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