Bull Terrier

Bull Terrier

Breed Size :
Medium Size

Height :
Male 53 - 56 cm Female 53 - 56 cm

Weight :
Male 20 – 27 Kg Female 20 – 27 Kg

Average Life :
10-13 years

Race and Behaviour Specialist Can Paksoy's character analysis



Bull Terrier

A breed who gets along well with children. Social training is important. They can be friends with cats and other pets. They may want to dominate other dogs, which depends on their nature. Buying this breed for someone who has another dog may not be very profitable. It is not appropriate for them to play tough games; they can be too active to play with children. When left alone or not exercised enough, they may become aggressive. The head and mouth appear separate from each other; the skull is inclined towards nose. The Bull Terrier has deep, small eyes in the middle. The ears are triangular, small and upright. There are short, strong waists, flat tails, small and round 'cat feet'.  

Bull Terrier Training

Obedience training should be given at a young age. They are very strong when their growth is completed, but they are difficult to train when they are grown up. The trainers must be understanding and patient; they learn quickly but they have stubborn structures.

Bull Terrier Care

Bull Terrier must occasionally brush to get dead fur with a rubber comb. The ears should be cleaned regularly. A soft place should be provided for sleeping. They have a life span of 10 to 13 years, and they have 4-7 pups at a time. They should be tested for deafness.

Bull Terrier Character Structure

Bull Terriers can be stubborn and constant in their desires with being happy, funny, and playful. They have combative features and strong willingness to protect their owners, but they do not use combative features to provoke fights. They are lively, courageous, loving, strong. Despite being strong, they have not been raised as guard dogs.

Bull Terrier Character Properties

Energy Level Moderate
Exercise needs Moderate
Playfullness Very Playful
Getting on with other dogs Moderate
Getting on with other pets Moderate
Getting on with children Moderate
Behavior with foreigners Good
Trainability Moderate
Protection feature High

Bull Terrier Feather

They have thick short hairs. They may all be white or have some marks; may also be plain color sparkles. Flat black; the base color which is white, red, broken black, or light brown are common in this breed. Bull Terriers shed twice a year.

Bull Terrier Exercise Needs

They love long walks, and they love to run without a leash. They should be watched closely with other dogs. When enough exercises are done, they can live happily in the apartment.

Bull Terrier Living Environment

If they are exercised well enough, they will feel very well in their home environment. They also like garden very much. They love hot climate.

Bull Terrier Origin

Bull Terrier, also known as British Bull Terrier is crossbred of Bulldog and British Terrier species in the UK in the 1900s in order to obtain a super martial breed. The word 'bull' or 'bull terrier' derives from the word group of 'bull-baiting' (bull attack). This group of words describes the competition of dogs that are released onto a chained bull. It has been mated with the Spanish Pointer (Spanish Pointer) to allow for the growth of the size, which has led to the emergence of a successful, strong, durable fighter. After dog fights were banned, they were paired with Dalmatians to produce white breedsand paired with Staffordshire to add color again. Both breeds are today have increased their popularity. 'Bullseye' as the famous Bull Terrier, Pats Anna and Spudz MacKenzie (later understood to be female) in the Bud Light commercials, a Bull Terrier from Juneau, and Alaska who knows beforehand the arrival of the approaching ships to the port.

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