Maltese Terrier

Maltese Terrier

Breed Size :
Toy Size

Height :
Male 21 – 25 cm Female 20 – 23 cm

Weight :
Male 3 – 4 Kg Female 3 – 4 Kg

Average Life :
15-18 years


Maltese Terrier

They deal well with dogs that are bigger than themselves, and also they get along well with pets and dogs. They like games very much but this may hurt young children. They notice us about strangers by barking, but it does not take them long to get used to them. They have a skull like a dome, and round, dark, glowing eyes. The nose is wide and black; low ears covered with white hairs. Some of them have a nose that gets pink in the water. In old dogs this can be permanent. Their tail is on their back and they have small, rounded feet.

Maltese Terrier Training

When Maltese is trained, an encouraging language should be used instead of tough words. They have sensitive characters. Maltese are not very suitable for home training.

Maltese Terrier Care

The dead hairs must be removed by brushing as they do not sked. There is no need to comb too much. The annoying hair around the eyes should be cleaned. Some are shaved to become hairy in 1-2 inch lengths for better care, and others are wrapped around so that the hairs do not get tangled. The normal life span is 12-14 years, but some may live 18 years.

Maltese Terrier Character Structure

Maltese is willing to learn, fearless, friendly and social. Having a very high energy can be a bit difficult for new owners who are not accustomed to this situation. They do not show too much barking behavior, but in any doubtful case, the barking characteristics make them good observer dogs. They love to stand in the lap, but they do not expect too much attention.

Maltese Terrier Character Properties

Energy Level Low
Exercise needs Low
Playfullness Very playful
Getting on with other dogs Moderate
Getting on with other pets Moderate
Getting on with children Good
Behavior with foreigners Moderate
Trainability High
Protection feature Low

Maltese Terrier Feather

Characteristically, they have long, white, silky feathers and no second lower feather layer. In some standards cream or lemon-colored ears are allowed. They are a good choice for people who have allergies thanks to not skedding.

Maltese Terrier Exercise Needs

They do not have to exercise too much. Even the games they play in the house are enough for them. They have a structure suitable for the apartment life.

Maltese Terrier Living Environment

Maltese Terrier is ideal for apartment life. They are active at home. In cold climates, they can easily be caught in a cold and also, they may be disturbed by the heat quickly.

Maltese Terrier Origin

Maltese (also known as Bichon Maltaise) is the oldest species in the world that came from Malta, the ancient trading district of the Mediterranean Sea. The first written opinion about this species dates back to the 3rd century BC. They are a known species with different names for centuries. These are Roman Ladies Dog, Maltese Lion Dog, Shock Dog, Spaniel Centle, Comforter Dog, Ye Ancient Dogge of Malta (Malta's ancient dog). The Maltese name was given in the 20th century. Their origin is unknown; but like Tibet Terrier, they may have come from Asia and Pomeranian origin. Before their noble appearances were noticed, they may had been used to hunt rodents. The small, white Maltese had remained isolated for centuries in the Maltese islands. They were later imported to Europe and gained popularity among top class people like Mary, Queen Elizabeth, Queen of Scotts, Josephine Bonaparte and Marie Antoinette. It was first brought to America in 1870; It was formalized in 1888 by the American Kennel Club. Today they are a pop show dog. In the 1st century AD Malta's Roman governer acquired a Maltese named Issa. This dog was immortalized by the poet Marcus Valerius Martialis: "Issa is more pure than a kiss of the swan, Issa is more kind than a maid. More valuable than the Indian ore. The Light will take Issa away from him; That's why Pablius has already got her picture done".

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