Breed Size :
Toy Size

Height :
Male 18 – 30 cm Female 18 – 30 cm

Weight :
Male 1 – 3 Kg Female 1 – 3 Kg

Average Life :
13-16 years


Pomeranian Boo

When they are socialized at young age, they get along well with other dogs and pets. However, there maybe situations that they are unable to agree with the children due to playing hard games. Children's playing styles and excessive interest can even cause them to bite. They are always cautious about strangers, but when they realize they are not dangerous, they become more understanding.

Pomeranian Boo Training

The intelligence of this race makes training very easy. They must be well trained when they are young for not barking too many. At the same time, because of the possibility of accidentally pressing on them , they should be prevented from moving too close to owner’s feet.

Pomeranian Boo Care

They should be brushed a few times a week and should be bathed only when needed. Dental health is important; at least once a week the teeth should be brushed, but the best will be to brush once a day. It is not dangerous to sneeze to remove water from the nasal passage. Only when they sneeze their throat should be rubbed. Some Pomeranians live 20 years, but their average life span is 12-16 years.

Pomeranian Boo Character Structure

They are smart, energetic, learning-loving, family-bound dog type. They start barking in any suspicious situation and can be a good guard dog when they are trained. They love to run around. They have a wedge-shaped head, small, upright ears and almond-shaped eyes. The Pomeranians have short necks, small feet, and unique tails that rest on their backs. In fact, they are known for their similarity to Chihuahua with their hairlessness. The head and legs should be in harmony with the body.

Pomeranian Character Properties

Energy Level Moderate
Exercise needs Moderate
Playfullness Very playful
Getting on with other dogs Low
Getting on with other pets Low
Getting on with children Very good
Behavior with foreigners Distant
Trainability Moderate
Protection feature Low

Pomeranian Boo Feather

The top layer is fluffy; the bottom layer is thick. They can be black, blue, chocolate. They can be orange, cream, red, plain, sable or mixture of flesh color with every color. Indeed, they can be anything but plots on pink. Male ones shed once a year, females shed in the heat or after birth.

Pomeranian Boo Exercise Needs

Keeping them happy can be accomplished with short-distance walks, games in the garden and indoor activities. They are suitable for apartment life.

Pomeranian Boo Living Environment

Pomeranian Boo is suitable for apartment life. They are very active at home.

Pomeranian Boo Origin

Pomeranian is crossbred of Greenland's sled dogs. Pomerania is a region north of the Baltic Sea, including today’s Germany and Poland. At the same time they accomplished their regional development here. They are a small, dense feathered species, but when imported to England, they weighed 9-14 kg. In England, the race has undergone some changes. Queen Charlotte and Queen Victoria contributed to popularization in England in the 1700-1800s. Especially Queen Victoria Florence is famous for the Pomeranian named 'Marco' from Italy. They were discovered by the American Kennel Club in the 1900s and have continued to get smaller since that day. For today, they are the smallest type in the north region. They are a very popular pet and show dogs. Some of the most famous Pomeranian owners are Michelangelo, Sir Isaac Newton, Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie.

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