Poodle puppies in our kennel with their most beautiful colors

14 Oct 2017

Our Poodle puppies that show us what the perfect beauty with their rarest and most beautiful colors, wait to meet new families in our kennel. Red, Apricot, Chocolate, Silver and Cream, the Poodles that strike everyone who see t... details
Pomeranian Boo Hairdressing in Elit Pet Hairdresser

13 Jun 2017

One of the most curious and most important issues about Pomeranian, considered one of the world's most popular dog breeds, is their shaved and unshaved appearence. The Boo shave, which has become famous in recent years, has... details
Maltipoo puppies now in Elite Puppy Kennel

24 May 2017

Maltipoo is one of the designed lines. They are crossbred of Poodle and Maltese Terrier, both of which are shedding-free and very good at training. Poodle is the most crossed breed in the production of new hybrid breeds. Poodle... details
Our Morkie babies are two months old

31 Mar 2017

Our Morkie puppies, which are from hybrid breeds breeded by a number of breeders all over the world, are 2 months old. Maltese Terrier and Yorkshire Terrier do not have the shedding and odor problem, and our Morkie puppies, cro... details
Chocolate Poodle puppies in our Kennel

02 Mar 2017

There are many features that make the poodle line special and the most striking of these features is color. Poodle can be in any color but chocolate color is the rare color. Chocolate Poodle is a very rare breed in Turkey and i... details
The French Bulldog elite puppies are waiting for you

01 Mar 2017

French Bulldog is one of the most popular dogs in Europe. There are many color options available for this breed. The rarest color is blue. They have an eye-pleasing image. It is the color that makes this breed very valuable. ... details
Our little Pomeranian puppies enjoying the snow

10 Jan 2017

We noticed the opportunity of heavy snowfall in İstanbul and we went out with our Pomeranian elite puppies. During this ride, we both had a lot of fun with our pups. These tiny Pomeranian elite puppies, who run from side to sid... details
New Year Excitement At Elit Yavru

23 Dec 2016

With the arrival of the new year, our Elite Yavru Kennel started to get more active. Our cute and beautiful elite puppies are preparing excitedly to enter new year together with their new families. We had a lot of fun with our ... details
Our Awards in KIF Istanbul Breed Standards Competition

31 Oct 2016

We participated in KIF's Breed Standards Competition with 7 Pomeranian dogs held in Silivri on October 29-30 . Five of our Pomeranian dogs who participated in the competition deserved to get the excellent grade, while 2 of ... details
Pomeranian Awards at Pet Istanbul Fair

24 Sep 2016

We participated with 2 Pomeranian dogs in the Breed Standards Contest organized by the KIF in Pet Istanbul Fair on September 24th. Both of our Pomeranian dogs participating in the competition were deserved to get the excellent ... details
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Dear Selen Görgüzel Alkan, a successful movie, series and stage actress of our country and her husband Dear...

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Emina Jahovic deemed appropriate to contact our Elit Yavru kennel as the most reliable address in order to have pet f...

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Former football player Mustafa Dogan's wife Meryem Dogan and their daughter Ela, have contacted our Elit Yavru Ke...

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Breed and Behaviour Specialist Can Paksoy appeared as a guest with elite puppies with the invitation of Seyhan Erdağ ...

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Breed and Behaviour Specialist Can Paksoy appeared as a guest with elite puppies from Poodle and Pomeranian breeds on...

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We appeared as a guest with Alişan and Buse Varol to the tv program Seda Sayan'la which is presented by Seda Saya...

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