Inborn 3-legged Dolly is very talented

07 Sep 2016

We met with lovely Dolly when left to our pension on 04/08/2015. The Golden Retriever Dolly was born with 3 legs from birth, and was named unfortunate, compared to his other sturdy siblings. While living in a pet shop with his ... details
Yippee Vip Pension

27 Jul 2016

In the summer months, in the holidays, we all want to leave the place where we live to throw away the stress of intense work tempo and strenuous city life. We can not always take our cats or dogs with us at this period. And we ... details
Our new Morkie puppies came to the world

15 Jul 2016

Our Morkie dogs came to the world by pairing Maltese Terrier with Yorkshire Terrier breeds. Morkie dogs don't shed and odor-free as they are known. In addition, much faster than many other breeds in learning the toilet. The... details
Pomeranian Awards in Bodrum Competition

04 Jun 2016

We participated with 3 Pomeranian dogs in the Race Standards Competition organized by the KFF in Bodrum on 18 June. All of our participating Pomeranian dogs were deemed worthy of being rated on the excellent grade. Our Turkey a... details
The world famous Pomeranian Dzeko Turkey Champion

07 May 2016

Our world famous Thailand champion Pomeranian dog Dzeko, became Turkey Champion by getting Best of Breed titles in all competitions held in Turkey . Pomeranian Dzeko, the best of breed in all age groups, continues to get outsta... details
Guide Labrador puppies in our kennel

07 Apr 2016

When we talk about family dogs, one of the first dogs that comes to our mind is Labrador breed. Because intelligence and trainability are high, they can be trained to guide blinds, which is the last point that can be reached in... details
Turkey’s first white Pug puppy only at Elit Yavru

11 Mar 2016

White Pug puppy,having the most special color of the Pug breed, available in a few breeders's kennel all over the world, is now first at Elit Puppy Kennel in Turkey. Elite Puppy, who led the way in Pet world, has blazed a t... details
Our sympathetic Cavalier pups

15 Jan 2016

The Cavalier King Charles breed has a strong adaptation and is suitable for apartment living. It has an intelligent structure that can be easily trained and they deal well with other pets .They love pleasing people living toget... details
Turkey's the first and only Morkie pups

31 Dec 2015

The Morkie is crossbred of Maltese Terrier and Yorkshire Terrier breeds that has been made more popular by eliminating many undesirable features. They have a gentle, loving, loyal and reliable character structure. Morkies, who ... details
4 October World Animal Day

04 Oct 2015

Animal lovers first came together in England in 1822. They established the Animal Protection Association to protect animals, to treat them well, and to ensure that animals are fed and protected on better terms. In our country, ... details
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Dear Selen Görgüzel Alkan, a successful movie, series and stage actress of our country and her husband Dear...

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Emina Jahovic deemed appropriate to contact our Elit Yavru kennel as the most reliable address in order to have pet f...

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Former football player Mustafa Dogan's wife Meryem Dogan and their daughter Ela, have contacted our Elit Yavru Ke...

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Breed and Behaviour Specialist Can Paksoy appeared as a guest with elite puppies with the invitation of Seyhan Erdağ ...

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Breed and Behaviour Specialist Can Paksoy appeared as a guest with elite puppies from Poodle and Pomeranian breeds on...

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We appeared as a guest with Alişan and Buse Varol to the tv program Seda Sayan'la which is presented by Seda Saya...

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