Can Paksoy told Fındık and Pala in Cumartesi Sürprizi program

06 Jun 2012

The Newfoundland breed Pala, one of the largest dogs in the world, and Chihuahua breed Fındık, one of the smallest dogs, were guests of Cumartesi Sürprizi. Can Paksoy told about Fındık and Pala to reporter Seyhan Erdağ in ... details
Can Paksoy told Fincan, the world's smallest dog

15 May 2012

Can Paksoy told about Fincan, 500 grams of Teacup Yorkshire Terrier, the world's smallest dog, on Show TV in 'Saba Tümer ile Bugün' program. During the program Saba Tumer loved her in her lap while program... details
Can Paksoy was a guest of Mesut Yar's program on Cnn Türk

10 May 2012

Can Paksoy was guest of Mesut Yar ile Burada Laf Çok program On October 4th World Animal Day. The Pomeranian Boo breed sympathetic small dog and the actor dog Border Collie Gio accompanied to Can Paksoy in the program. C... details
Pazar Sürprizi Displayed Champion Max's Little Brothers

30 Apr 2012

In our Petworld farm where champion Max was born and grew up, the Pazar Sürprizi team showed Max's 4th generation brothers. Can Paksoy answered the questions of Pazar Sürprizi reporter Seyhan Erdag about our Borde... details
Can Paksoy Told Max and His Family to The Pazar Sürprizi Program

20 Mar 2012

Pazar Sürprizi teamshot in our Elit Yavru Kennel where the Max, champion of Yetenek Sizsiniz, was born and raised. Can Paksoy answered Seyhan Erdag's questions about our wonderfully trained Border Collie actor dog Max ... details
Our instructor Ali Yeşilırmak and Max Became Champion of Yetenek Sizsiniz

12 Mar 2012

Our instructor Ali Yesilirmak and our amazingly talented dog Border Collie Max became champion in Yetenek Sizsiniz Türkiye. Taking the most votes from audience in 3. Season of Yetenek Sizsiniz Türkiye they became the ... details
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Dear Selen Görgüzel Alkan, a successful movie, series and stage actress of our country and her husband Dear...

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Emina Jahovic deemed appropriate to contact our Elit Yavru kennel as the most reliable address in order to have pet f...

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Former football player Mustafa Dogan's wife Meryem Dogan and their daughter Ela, have contacted our Elit Yavru Ke...

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Breed and Behaviour Specialist Can Paksoy appeared as a guest with elite puppies with the invitation of Seyhan Erdağ ...

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Breed and Behaviour Specialist Can Paksoy appeared as a guest with elite puppies from Poodle and Pomeranian breeds on...

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We appeared as a guest with Alişan and Buse Varol to the tv program Seda Sayan'la which is presented by Seda Saya...

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