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Savannah is an ostentatious and ideal friend, a domestic and medium sized African wild cat hybrid. Savannah, with its exotic looks and ideal measurements and quite a few new cat breed, has taken its name from African plains as well as its famous ancestors. They are smart. You can see this type of cat anywhere while walking with a leash. Smooth feathers can be in many colors and shapes and are easy to care.

Savannah Care

Short or long hairs of Savannah breed cats should be brushed once or twice a week. Thus, the oil in the bottom spreads in a balanced manner and the dead hairs are also cleaned. The teeth should be cleaned daily; this should be done at least once a week. They need to be kept in a closed place even if there is a garden, or to be kept at home if there is no garden to prevent dog attacks and disease transmission from other cats. At the same time, there is also the risk of stealing because it is a beautiful cat. In some countries or cities there are some laws against hybrid cats. The CATs registered by TICA are completely homeless, but there may be some restrictions on the second generation. So it would be good to consider the laws in your country.

Savannah’s Relations With Pets And Other Cats

Savannah breed is a very good choice for cat-loving dogs and families with older children. They love the game, they learn their movements easily, are eager to walk with the leash, give nice response to love shown to them when approached politely and with respect. If you are not at home all day long it would be better to find a friend for them. This friend could be another breed, Savannah, even a dog. Most savannahs deal well with dogs. It is always preferable not to leave animals uncontrolled until they get used to each other and know each other thoroughly. They get on well with breeds like Siam, Abyssinian, Maine Coon, Ragdoll that look like them. They are dangerous for some pets. For example, if you have a Savannah breed kitten, do not keep small animals such as birds, hamsters, and mice at home. Savannah is a very good hunter, and whatever measures you take, he will overcome every precaution to reach these little animals.

Savannah Character Structure

Do not buy Savannah if you want a sweet and calm cat. Because this cat loves life fast, has an adventurous structure. Enthusiasm allows them to explore around; the athletic body allows jumping from high places; being compatible allows walking with the leash and being active allows to search for water to play. In short, a curious, friendly, self-confident cat breed. Savannah likes the guest, while many cat breeds do not like the guests. They like to play interactive games with you. You will laugh loudly while you spend time with them. The person who can cope with them must be very crafty. You may need to take some measures in the house to prevent them because it is a very moving cat. Do not forget to remove the fragile items. Put them in places where Savannah can not reach. An interactive playground with toys can help keep their mind busy. This is recommended. If you want to be happy with Savannah, do not forget to spend an interactive time with them. If you provide some toys while you are not around, it will help you. When they do things that you do not want, distract their energy and attention towards the right direction; reward it if they behave how you want. Leave your important belongings to the places where they can not reach. If you can not take trouble, a Savannah cat is not suitable for you.

Savannah Character Properties

Getting on with other cats Good
Getting on with children Good
Attention and interest Very Good
Talkativeness Low
Playfulness High
Hunting Moderate
Activity Good
Freeness Moderate

Savannah Feather Care

The feathers can be of many colors and shapes; black, brown or black dotted tabby, black silver dotted tabby, and black fog. Many have black, dark brown spots on white background and can be of gold, cream, sand color. The shapes in their body can be oval, round and long. Some Savannahs have marble-shaped figures and some of them have figures that doesn't conform to this breed's standards. Examples of these colors that do not conform to the standards are chocolate, blue, red, cinnamon colors. Savannah's head is rectangular, the neck is long and the ears are big. Medium-sized eyes can be of any color. Nose skin can be pink, black or any other color; but if the nose is black it should be plain black. The tail is neither long nor short. The legs of their ancestors are very long and their height is high because of this feature of their ancestors. It takes about three years to have an adult body. The kitten, which appears to be the average size, may develop suddenly after it is three months old. It will reach the required length in a year and the body will develop itself in a few years. The interesting thing is that the hind legs are slightly taller than the front legs.

Savannah Origin

It was developed by the mating of a domestic cat with African wild cat (serval). As a result of this mating a kitten came to world on April 7, 1986. The cat was named Savannah. Patrcik Kelly and Joyce Sroufe took action to make a new attempt. Some of the breeds contributing to the development of the savannah cat are Bengal, Egyptian Maus, Orientalist Shorthair, and Joe Shorthair. However, crossing is not allowed anymore. TICA started to register Savannah cats in 2001. In 2012, the breed authorised, which meant championship.

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