Breed Size :
Big Size

Height :
Male 51 - 75 cm Female 48 - 70 cm

Weight :
Male 25 - 40 Kg Female 24 - 38 Kg

Average Life :
10-15 years

Race and Behaviour Specialist Can Paksoy's character analysis




The Goldendoodle genus is intelligent, friendly and family-focused. They are a very social dog. The Goldendoodle genus goes to the place where the nose leads, depending on the smells coming from; so it is recommended to be in a closed garden. They are always ready for the game; most of the Goldendoodle breeds have the abilities of the Golden Retriever. The Goldendoodle is also friendly to strangers, making it a failed guard dog. The Goldendoodle genus does not often bark. Miniature Poddles or Toy Poddles are usually smaller. Goldendoodle species, which are a hybrid, can have very different appearances. Species that carry more poddle properties generally have thinner fur and shorter jaws, but species with Golden Retriever properties have a larger neck and a longer jaw. The Goldendoodle genus may have both short and long ears; in most cases a V-shaped bulge from the forehead to the nose.

Goldendoodle Training

Goldendoodle is smart and wants to satisfy his master by doing his best in the training phase. Positive approach is the most successful method.

Goldendoodle Care

Goldendoodles should be regularly brushed every weeks. The average life expectancy of Goldendoodles are 10-15 years. They are susceptible to most health problems affecting the Golden Retriever and Poddle genus, which include Hip dysplasia (dislocation of the hip joint that can lead to lumps or joint inflammation problems),eye diseases such as ear infections (especially in long-eared dogs) and cataracts, but because they are mixed hybrids, they are less caught in health problems like this when compared with thoroughbreds.

Goldendoodle Character Structure

Goldendoodles like to be with family. They enjoy spending time with children, other animals and strangers, and pleasing them. They are social dogs and they want to be in people.

Goldendoodle Character Properties

Energy Level Good
Exercise needs Good
Playfullness Good
Getting on with other dogs Good
Getting on with other pets Good
Getting on with children Very Good
Behavior with foreigners Good
Trainability Very good
Protection feature Moderate

Goldendoodle Feather

Goldendoodle's fur is a mixture of Golden Retriever and Poodle's fur. There have durable feathers that look quite thick. They can be curved or flat, and most of them stretch one way in the middle of the body. If not clipped, the feathers extend to 4-7 inches long. Unlike Poodle, Goldendoodle should not be cropped shorter than 2 inches, because fur provides natural protection against cold as well as warm. As a poddle effect, Goldendoodle can come to the world in a wide variety of colors including white, bronze, chocolate color, black, red, silver or a mixture of these. There may be various color differences and fur features in the babies of the same mother. Depending on the main lineage, the Goldendoodle genus may sked fewer like Poddle genus or never shed or partly shed like the Golden Retriever. In general, the bottom lines are more resistant to allergic problems. Most Poddle hybrids go through various stages of fur changes during the first years of their lives.

Goldendoodle Exercise Needs

Goldendoodle needs good exercise. Most of these breeds enjoy swimming because the Poddle and Golden Retriever lines do not dislike water. Goldendoodle breeds enjoy life on the farm or in a big city. They continue their life with daily walks and playing game.

Goldendoodle Living Environment

This race can live in an apartment environment when adequate exercise is done.

Goldendoodle Origin

Goldendoodle, is a crossbred of Golden Retriever and a Poodle (Poodle dog), that originated in North America at the end of the late 1990s. Poddle hybrids mean that a dog with mixed characteristics will come to the world and the Poodle's signature will not take its place in the fur. Like all other Poddle hybrids, Goldendoodle has also been derived from many names and includes many words like Goldipoo, Goldenpoo, Groodle, Curly Golden, Goldenoodle, Goldoodle or Gopoo. Like the other 'designer puppies', Goldendoodle has also recently gained popularity. Goldendoodle, a hybrid, does not have the right to take part in purebred records such as the American Kennel Club. But he can take his place at the American Canine Hybrid Club. Goldendoodles are not considered pure, because they do not eat properly, so they can not exhibit consistent behaviors. Some breeding dogs mate with a pure Golden Retriever to bring Goldendoodle to the world (called the first gene hybrid), but others allow Goldendoodles to mate with the Poddle or Golden Retriever (crossbreed) or with other Goldendoodle breeds (called the multi-breed hybrids). Different hybrids in different characteristics may also come to the world.

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