Breed Size :
Medium Size

Height :
Male 33 - 36 cm Female 33 - 36 cm

Weight :
Male 10 – 35 Kg Female 10 – 35 Kg

Average Life :
13-15 years

Race and Behaviour Specialist Can Paksoy's character analysis




They are not suitable for being a watchdog. They get on well with everyone, including strangers, and every dog races. The Labradoodle, is the result of crossbreeding between Toy Poodle and Labrador Retriever breeds, is smaller than that of the Miniature or Standard Poodle breed. As they are subjected to many different hybrids, there is diversity in their appearance. However, qualities belonging to Australian Labradoodle standards may be sufficient to describe in general terms: broad heads, medium stops, wide eyes, straight ears at the eye level, scissors teeth and long bodies.  

Labradoodle Training

They are willing to be educated and intelligent. He likes to please his owner. It has the ability to learn unusual tricks. With their intelligence, they may overcome their owner.

Labradoodle Care

It should be scrubbed with a brush once a month to prevent felting. This process should be applied more frequently to dogs with curly feather structure.

Labradoodle Character Structure

They are alive, family-centered and friendly. They are funny, smart, and faithful. If the owner does not show the necessary attention, they may exhibit bad behavior.

Labradoodle Character Properties

Energy Level High
Exercise needs Moderate
Playfullness Good
Getting on with other dogs Good
Getting on with other pets Good
Getting on with children Good
Behavior with foreigners Good
Trainability High
Protection feature Moderate

Labradoodle Feather

Hair types vary due to the effect of the poodle. Labradoodle’s feathers can be flat or curly, soft or wiry or mix of these. They can also be white, cream color, red, brown, black, and gold color. Some of them are linty; some of them are like cotton. Some of them do not sked, others sked very light.

Labradoodle Exercise Needs

They need a balanced exercise program, such as daily walks and games in a fenced yard. Many like to swim.

Labradoodle Living Environment

They are suitable for apartment life.

Labradoodle Origin

This race is crossbred of Labrador Retriever and a Standard or Miniature Poodle. It was first breeded in Australia by Wally Conron, taking Labrador's obedience and Poodle's hypoallergenic feathers. Labradoodle was not registered by the American Kennel Club because it was a hybrid race. However, it was registered by the American Canine Hybrid Club. Labradoodle can be mated with Poodle, Labrador Retrievers and with their own kind, and each different production reflects its own unique characteristics. These cute dogs have found their place in the lives of many famous people, so the popularity has increased. Tiger Woods, Jennifer Anitson and Barbara Eden are some of these names. The popularity has increased so much that the Oxford Cambridge Dictionary contains 'Labradoodle'. The Labradoodle toy in Monopoly 'Here and Now' game version has further strengthened its popularity. At the same time, the "Lucky the incredible wonder pup" Labradoodle anime toy is also awarded.

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