We talked about our dog hotel and pension service at TRT


In the previous days, we have provided information about our hotel and pension services with our Elit Yavru Kennel and our lovely friends in the live broadcast of the Newscast. Our friend from Pomeranian Boo breed included in the broadcast streaming in the minutes when Race and Behaviour Specialist Can Paksoy appear as a guest on the live broadcast.

TRT Haber Kanalı'nda, köpek oteli ve pansiyon hizmetimizi anlattık

Dog hotel and pension services which is contained within Elit Yavru kennel located at Cekmeköy, Istanbul continue with the works which perform for the better each passing day. It was a very useful and cheerful broadcast which inform of people and will shed light on the questions in their heads almost all of the year, especially during the spring and summer periods.

TRT Haber Kanalı'nda köpek oteli ve pansiyon hizmetlerimizi anlattık TRT Haber Kanalı'nda, köpek oteli ve pansiyon hizmetlerimizi anlattık

After detailed information about dog hotel and pension service given by Can Paksoy, puppy Pomeranian which learned to swim in our pool and the other adult Pomeranian friend which include in the broadcast streaming on his lap enjoyed the pool. Later on, our puppy Toy Poodle which not shed and odor-free accompanied us within the broadcast. It reached the audience through the TRT News team that our pension which is an environment where the puppies can have a rest and have a pleasant time with our extremely meticulous and careful works. We would like to thank to Dear TRT News team for visiting us and for this useful broadcast and we wish have a nice working day.

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