The Celikel family owned the phenomenon Panda's pup

Emrah Çelikel, the administrative manager of Karabagh FK team of Azerbaijan, had a puppy that had a wonderful teddy bear face who admired everybody seeing him in our kennel about one and half year ago. The Celikel family, who gave a magic touch and more happiness to their lives with these beautiful pup named Lucky, thought that having a friend for teddy bear faced Lucky would be the right decision, then contacted with us again. We invited them to our kennel after a brief interview with the Çelikel family, one of the valuable members of our Elit Yavru family. We provided detailed information with the family who visited our kennel about our Pomeranian puppies that will be very good friends for Lucky. They fell in love with one of the beautiful pups of the party color Pomeranian Panda who brought our very good charactered phenomon puppies to the world in our Elit Yavru Pomeranian Boo kennel. Panda, the dog of our kennel, is really good at transferring great features to his pups. They decided to have a cute little pup that'll have a good look and character in the future like their father. We wish dear Celikel Family and the lovely members of the family to have a healthy, happy and peaceful days in their future lives.

Emrah Çelikel, Pomeranian Boo Elit Yavru

Elityavru 25.yıl
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