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Mrs. Sevda had Maltese Terrier elite baby

28 Oct 2017

Sevda Zengin Dedeman decided to have a cute pet friend for her little girl Satin. After researchs she decided to contact with our Elit Yavru Kennel. During our conversation with the family, we informed them about the breeds and... ayrıntılar
Faralyalı family got their elite Maltese Terrier pup

18 Oct 2017

Begümhan Doğan Faralyalı and her husband Ahmet Faralyalı wanted to have a pet friend for their girl. The family couldn't be indifferent to wishes of their daughters, Ayşenaz and Melisa and after some researchs they mad... ayrıntılar
Mete Oz and his family got their Maltese Terrier pup

09 Oct 2017

Mr. Mete, the CEO of Uludağ Beverages from big organizations of our country, is a successful father in family life as well as his success in business life. Mr. Mete, who did not neglect his family and children despite his busy ... ayrıntılar
Yurtbay Family got their beautiful Poodle pup

29 Sep 2017

Mr. İlter and his wife Mrs. Ezgi were thinking of a little friend for their children Adel. Mr. Ilter, one of the senior executives of Yurtbay Seramik, is a father who does not neglect his family even though he works in intense ... ayrıntılar
Çağla Şikel got her red Toy Poodle elite baby

09 May 2017

Moderator and model Cagla Sikel is one of our celebrities known for her animal-lover personality. Mrs. Çağla, who also invited her pet friends to the TV programs at every occasion and who was tasked herself with emposing... ayrıntılar
Lokum successfully completed Basic Obedience Training

13 Mar 2017

Successful TV Presenter and Journalist Balçiçek İlter recently contacted our Elit Yavru farm for the training of the beautiful Cavalier King Charles baby. İlter Family gave the name Lokum to the pup. She was havin... ayrıntılar
Onur Tuna got his Doberman elite puppy

08 Mar 2017

Onur Tuna, one of the successful cinema and television artists of our country, had previously owned a beautiful Akita Inu baby girl named Şarlo, from our Elit Yavru Kennel. We saw that they had a lot of fun since they got Charl... ayrıntılar
Miro successfully completed Basic Obedience Training

04 Mar 2017

The Turkish painter Ahmet Güneştekin, who is a pride of our country and exhibits his paintings in many different countries of the world, contacted our elite puppies for the training of his Cavalier King Charles puppy. Ahme... ayrıntılar
Anchorwoman Nazlı Çelik owned Maltese Terrier for her daughter

09 Feb 2017

Star Tv Anahaber's successful anchorwoman, Nazlı Çelik, wanted to fulfill the pup desire of her daughter Kayra. As a result, we visited Mrs. Nazlı at her home, who was in contact with our kennel. It made us very happ... ayrıntılar
Mert Aydın got her Yorkshire Terrier breed elite puppy

02 Feb 2017

Succesfull sports commentator Mert Aydin, one of the leading names in the sports world, decided to become a pet owner for his daughter. At the end of result of the research that he did, he chose us as the most reliable address ... ayrıntılar
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Breed and Behaviour Specialist Can Paksoy appeared as a guest with elite puppies with the invitation of Seyhan Erdağ ...

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Breed and Behaviour Specialist Can Paksoy appeared as a guest with elite puppies from Poodle and Pomeranian breeds on...

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We appeared as a guest with Alişan and Buse Varol to the tv program Seda Sayan'la which is presented by Seda Saya...

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Dear Selen Görgüzel Alkan, a successful movie, series and stage actress of our country and her husband Dear...

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Emina Jahovic deemed appropriate to contact our Elit Yavru kennel as the most reliable address in order to have pet f...

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Former football player Mustafa Dogan's wife Meryem Dogan and their daughter Ela, have contacted our Elit Yavru Ke...

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