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Azerbaijan Karabakh FK Manager Mr. Emrah's Boo

27 May 2016

Emrah Çelikel who made important work in the management committee of the Karabakh Football Club from the successful teams of Azerbaijan, and his family were searching for the Pomeranian breed puppy. The Celikel family, w... ayrıntılar
Hande Acar's Boo dog Ponçik

12 May 2016

Hande Acar, one of the leading names of socialite, her Boo dog that she got from our Elit Yavru kennel lately, influenced everyone with its beauty. The Pomeranian Boo pup, we gave to Acar family when it was young, now has compl... ayrıntılar
Esra Güvenkaya's elite puppy Bebble

01 Apr 2016

Esra Güvenkaya, known from the business world, preferred our professional trainer team for the training of her Maltese Terrier pup Bebble that she got from our Elit Yavru kennel. In the past days we visited Dear Bebble at ... ayrıntılar
Yasemin Hadivent's Misscat

22 Dec 2015

Yasemin Hadivent, one of our cinema and TV series actresses, wanted to have a house-mate. Due to her busy work, she was worrying about not to pay enough attention for her roommate that she wanted to have, and for this reason sh... ayrıntılar
Bjk Club Manager Mr. Yalcin’s Pomeranian pup

27 Nov 2015

Beşiktaş Club Investments Committee Member Yalçın Kaya Yilmaz has a structure that attaches importance to the family as well as professional achievements. Mr. Yalçın responded positively to the pressure of his gir... ayrıntılar
Ceren Bektaş and Caz

09 Oct 2015

From our sympathetic and beautiful announcer, our beloved Ceren Bektaş's handsome Cavalier Caz began his basic obedience training last month in our kennel. The interest and enthusiasm of Mrs.Ceren to Jazz was certainly not ... ayrıntılar
Elite Puppies of Biricik Suden and Mazhar Alanson

02 Oct 2015

Animal lover personality of famous fashion designer Biricik Suden and her husband Mazhar Alanson, soloist of MFÖ group, is known by everyone. During a conversation we learned that the Mrs. Biricik dreamed of a Newfoundland... ayrıntılar
Yasmin Erbil got her new little friend

08 Sep 2015

Famous entertainer Mehmet Ali Erbil's daughter, Yasmin Erbil, was thinking about having a pet friend for a long time. Yasmin Hanım, who was in contact with the Elit Yavru family many times, decided to have a Toy Poodle pupp... ayrıntılar
Cem Yilmaz chose the Cavalier breed for his young son

11 Aug 2015

Famous comedian Cem Yilmaz did not remain indifferent to the dog love of his young son Kemal seen in the magazine news. Cem Yilmaz preferred the Cavalier King CharlesSpaniel, a calm breed for the development of his little son K... ayrıntılar
National footballer Mehmet Topal's elite puppy

29 Jun 2015

Mehmet Topal, a valuable footballer of the national team, was looking for a long-time pet friend for his son Mehmet Han. As a result of our dog breeds experts's research for Mehmet Topal, they decided on the Chocolate - Whi... ayrıntılar
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Breed and Behaviour Specialist Can Paksoy appeared as a guest with elite puppies with the invitation of Seyhan Erdağ ...

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Breed and Behaviour Specialist Can Paksoy appeared as a guest with elite puppies from Poodle and Pomeranian breeds on...

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We appeared as a guest with Alişan and Buse Varol to the tv program Seda Sayan'la which is presented by Seda Saya...

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Dear Selen Görgüzel Alkan, a successful movie, series and stage actress of our country and her husband Dear...

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Emina Jahovic deemed appropriate to contact our Elit Yavru kennel as the most reliable address in order to have pet f...

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Former football player Mustafa Dogan's wife Meryem Dogan and their daughter Ela, have contacted our Elit Yavru Ke...

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